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Apr 19, 2023Blog Post, PRP, PRP Therapy


Have you been suffering from joint pain for a long time and still have no relief? Have you tried steroid injections, physical therapy, pain management, maybe even surgery? At Integrative Physical Health, we’re offering an entirely fresh approach to treatment. Treatments that use NO DRUGS, NO SURGERY, and you walk away with MINIMAL TO NO DOWN TIME. We utilize a number of cutting-edge, science-backed treatments and therapies known as Regenerative Medicine to address a wide variety of pain points and health issues.

What is Regenerative Medicine Anyway??

Regenerative medicine is the process of regenerating damaged tissues to restore (or establish) normal function. What does this mean for you? Well, one of the processes we use is PRP therapy, or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy.

PRP treatment takes your blood, like going for a blood test, and re-introduces the concentrated blood platelets from your blood into areas of chronic joint and spine deterioration. Your blood platelets contain growth and healing factors. When concentrated through simple centrifuging, your blood plasma becomes “rich” in healing factors, thus the name Platelet RICH plasma. The procedure and preparation of therapeutic doses of growth factors consist of blood from the patient, then the plasma is separated and concentrated (5-7 times of your normal), and application of the plasma which is rich in growth factors is injected into the area. Typically 4 to 6 visits are necessary per area.

Imagine it! A treatment that uses NO DRUGS, NO SURGERY, just your own incredible body, healing itself, with a little push from us. PRP has many potential uses in the treatment of the pain and disability of osteoarthritis. PRP has been shown to enhance tendons, ligaments, meniscus and articular cartilage. PRP has an enormous amount of potential to reverse osteoarthritis. One of the primary ways it does so is by changing the environment of the diseased joint to stimulate healing by increasing the volume of the natural lubricants and thereby improving and protecting the cartilage. PRP also enhances the synthesis of synovial fluid. PRP improves the “nutritional soup” of the synovial fluid by decreasing the joint friction which minimizes forces on the cartilage. This, along with its ability to stimulate the brain to initiate cell growth and the sending of stem cells, is an excellent treatment modality to reverse the destructive path of osteoarthritis.

One of the biggest benefits of using PRP is that it is virtually risk-free. You won’t be going to a surgery center or being put under to get this non-invasive form of treatment. You also have no risk of an adverse reaction, like you might with some drug treatments, since this injection is taken from your own blood. As with any injection, there may be some slight topical discomfort at the time of administration, and potentially a little bruising, but the risk of infection is very low, and entirely preventable with proper hygiene measures. With minimal risk and maximum potential for relief, you have no reason not to give this revolutionary treatment a try!

Comprehensive Treatment

We use a detailed, personalized diagnostic process, based on your specific symptoms and health history, to obtain a whole health picture. Often a painful joint is a symptom of long-term musculoskeletal misalignment. We believe that just treating the affected joint is not enough. We at Integrative Physical Health recognize that all of the parts of our bodies are interconnected and take into account how the rest of your body may be impacted by the dysfunction in the injured joint.

We are proud to offer a full roster of non-invasive therapies for our patients, who have been robbed of the freedom to live their lives the way they want – pain free! Come to us for solutions to your knee pain, headaches, spinal pain, and other bone on bone joint pain. Stay for the experienced, caring doctors, short wait times, and, above all, non-surgical pain relief!

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