How Chiropractic Treatment Can Enhance Your Mental Well-being

Jun 9, 2020Blog Post


If you’ve been wondering about how a trip to your chiropractor’s office might be able to help with a case of depression or anxiety, it’s important to realize that chiropractic is a holistic practice. In other words, the overall goal is to deal with the physical body in order to make your general mental state better.

Every day, chiropractic physicians take an eclectic, multi-faceted approach when helping their patients. That means looking at several different paths to your eventual wellness. There is plenty of scientific evidence that clearly demonstrates that a chiropractor can assist with a wide variety of mental health concerns. One of the most common ways that this holistic form of treatment works is related to both anxiety and depression. In fact, the way chiropractic care works is not only natural and based on your body’s own responses, but is also a realistic strategy for many people who suffer from these often debilitating conditions.

There are a number of different ways that chiropractic physicians can work with patients who need help getting their mental health in better shape.

How Chiropractic Can Help You Deal With Mental Disorders

There are dozens of ways you can get relief, via chiropractic care, from the symptoms of mental problems like depression and anxiety. Here are just a few of the most common ones:

Spinal Adjustment: Your entire body is affected by the health and proper functioning of your spine. This is a key principle that is at the root of much chiropractic medicine. People who have their spines adjusted by a licensed chiropractor often witness an increase in beneficial hormones in their blood, including important ones like cortisol and neurotensin. What do these natural components do for the human body? Not only do they help minimize pain that results from stress, but they are also able to cut down on pain and enhance the overall efficiency of the brain.

No Side Effects: Chiropractic care uses no drugs, no surgery, and is 100 percent natural. Unfortunately, many people who receive conventional mental health treatment end up with numerous pharmaceutical prescription drugs in their cabinets. Even when these drugs work, there can be severe side-effects like excessive fatigue, a sick stomach, sleeplessness, and more.

When you get chiropractic treatment, you’ll have the chance to avoid these symptoms and minimize them. Some people have found that regular visits to a chiropractor allow them to avoid taking pharmaceutical drugs completely. Of course, you should never decide on your own to stop taking any medication that any doctor has prescribed for you. Always consult with health care professionals before taking or ceasing to take a prescribed medication.

Headache Relief: Muscle stiffness is a common result of depression and anxiety in some patients. That’s because their muscles are often in a constant state of tension. One advantage of chiropractic treatment is a reduction in these kinds of symptoms. So if you are suffering from recurrent tension headaches and even migraine headaches as a result of anxiety and/or depression, you could get relief from visiting a chiropractor. People who suffer from mental health problems and associated pain, like headaches and body aches, can gain significant relief from therapeutic massage at a chiropractor’s office.

Help Getting Proper Sleep: Anyone who has problems falling asleep at night might be suffering from common depression and/or anxiety side-effects. Chiropractic care has been shown to help reduce these frustrating symptoms and side-effects. Indeed, both massage therapy and chiropractic care can do a lot to restore healthy sleep habits.

Even adults who complain of never being able to fully fall asleep, a condition known as insomnia, are able to get good results in many cases when they get chiropractic treatment. Sleeplessness can lead to more anxiety when people are unable to give their bodies the natural rest it needs to function properly.

Bringing Blood Pressure Into Normal Range: If you suffer from stress and various kinds of blood pressure disorders, it’s possible that both chiropractic treatment as well as regular massage therapy can bring you relief. Millions of adults who have high blood pressure also suffer from various forms of stress, depression, and/or anxiety. In cases of adults who have high blood pressure, it’s been shown that visits to a chiropractor for spinal adjustments and massage can have a positive effect and lead to lower blood pressure readings.

It’s important to note that no two patients are alike, even when they both suffer from forms of anxiety and depression. That’s because human beings differ in so many ways. Symptoms, underlying causes, long-term effects, and personal medical histories need to be taken into account when working to bring about relief. Even so, chiropractic care has been shown to be effective and valid as a method for treating mental illness symptoms and conditions in some patients.
The Anxiety and Depression Puzzle

All over the world, young people and adults face mental health problems. Some get treatment and others don’t. Fortunately, if you suffer from depressive disorders or anxiety challenges, chiropractic care can help you get relief in many cases. Of course, everyone’s situation is different but there are multiple symptoms that seem to appear in most cases, like:

Generalized Discomfort: An all-body feeling of pain or unease

Sleeplessness: Whether you have trouble going to sleep every night or just occasionally, you can be said to suffer from a form of sleeplessness

Excessive Fatigue: A common form of excessive fatigue is when you become very tired and run-down for no apparent reason, even after you’ve had a good night’s sleep or a long nap

Headaches: Both mild, tension-type and migraine headaches are included in this category of symptoms. Note that some patients suffer from just one or both types of headaches, either of which can range in severity from mild to quite painful

Being jittery: That “antsy” feeling of being totally unable to relax or rest is often a sign of depression and/or anxiety

Some adults who suffer from various anxiety and/or depressive problems see the physical symptoms of their illness and become even more ill at ease. One of the primary advantages of chiropractic care in situations like these is that it has the potential to minimize or even eliminate physical manifestations of mental disorders like anxiety and depression.
Taking Care of Yourself the Smart Way

At Spinal Health and Wellness, Dr. Andrea Moses and Dr. Tim Ciolkosz understand the important implications of how mental health issues can affect a person’s life. That’s why they’re dedicated to providing the very best treatment options for everyone who walks through our doors. Whether your needs include routine chiropractic adjustments or more complex treatment options, you’re always in good hands when you choose us as your chiropractic healthcare providers. Feel free to phone us anytime with questions or concerns about your health. Our number is 302-993-9113. We look forward to hearing from you.

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