Chiropractic Care Strengthens the Immune System

May 8, 2020Blog Post


Chiropractic care is uniquely able to strengthen the human immune system. It allows the body’s adaptive immunity to build up more resistance to various illnesses, from serious diseases to minor ones, like the common cold and infections of the respiratory system.

Millions of people suffer from colds and serious respiratory infections every year. Our general health depends on many factors, what we eat, how much sleep we get, how often we exercise, whether or not we smoke, how much alcohol we consume, and how often we receive medical treatment. Our immune system, when functioning properly, will help us repel many forms of illness.

The problem is that too many adults and young people allow their immune systems to operate well below the optimum level. Eating too much junk food, consuming tobacco, not getting enough exercise, and not taking care of our bodies are some of the leading causes of a weak immune system.

Key facts about the immune system include the following points, which help explain why chiropractic care can enhance an otherwise weak system and bring it back into top shape:

  • Autoimmune disorders can throw the entire immunity function out of whack. This happens in rare instances when our immune systems are “tricked” into viewing themselves as dangerous invaders. They proceed to destroy themselves or at least harm themselves before we can stop them.
  • Allergies are an over-reaction of the immune system to a particular stimulus, like ragweed, that causes us to develop symptoms akin to colds, flu, and other disabling conditions.
  • Some people turn to medication to treat the symptoms of immunity problems. This approach simply covers up the deeper problem of an out-of-kilter system.
  • Natural and non-invasive treatments that do not include medications can often help provide a better long-term solution to an ailing immune system. Chiropractic is one of the most effective methods within this category. That’s because chiropractic physicians treat the “whole person,” not just a symptom.
  • Spinal adjustments work to boost the immune system by bringing the entire spinal column into proper alignment. Because the human immune system is integrally connected with the spine, poor alignment can mean that your body is unable to defend against infections the way it should.
  • When nerve pathways become compressed, a situation known as “subluxation,” the body’s immune system begins to function at less than an optimal level. Chiropractors are trained to adjust the spine in such a way that the compression is eliminated, proper alignment is restored, and the immune system returns to normal.

How the Immune System Works

The human immune system is a complex, powerful natural force within us. We are born with a certain amount of immunity but develop much more immune function as we age and as we are exposed to many kinds of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful substances that cause our bodies to respond with a stronger, more resilient system. Chiropractic care is one of the many things that can assist our inborn immunity and help us gain more resistance to a long list of illnesses. Here are the key facts to know about how the immune system works:


    • Your immune system is your body’s first line of protection against all sorts of illnesses and infections. It works constantly throughout the entire body to eliminate germs and maintain the very best possible health. But how, exactly, does the immune system do what it does? The secret is that multiple organs and cells act as a team, so to speak, in order to protect our bodies. Leukocytes, commonly called white blood cells, are the main players in this complex program of protection.
    • There are two different kinds of white cells and both do their best to destroy unwanted invaders of the body’s systems. One group, the phagocytes, primarily repel and fight off germs and other unwanted organisms that try to enter our systems. Another key type of white cell, the lymphocytes, has something akin to cellular memory and are able to recognize harmful substances.
    • Actually, there are many different kinds of white cells, each one of which has its own specific job as a defender of our bodies. Neutrophils, for example, are able to destroy harmful forms of bacteria. It’s even possible to do a blood test on someone and measure the number of neutrophils in their blood. If the count is high, it means that the person likely has a bacterial infection.
    • Whenever an antigen, one of the many foreign elements that can cause us harm, enters our bodies the immune system swings into action and works to destroy any substance that appears to have the potential to make us sick.
    • One of the amazing things about the immune system is its power to help us build up a resistance to future bouts of particular illnesses, infections, and diseases. That’s why if you have ever been the victim of something like mumps or chickenpox, your body is armed against future invasions. That’s because the immune system learns to recognize these forms of illness and refuses to allow them to harm us a second time.
    • You may already be familiar with the three kinds of immunity that people have, namely passive, adaptive, and innate. Innate immunity is what you are born with. All humans come into this world already immune from many diseases and harmful substances. Adaptive immunity, as the name implies, is something we build up during our lives.
    • When we get vaccines or are naturally exposed to something like measles, our bodies adapt and are able to fight off the same malady in the future. Passive immunity occurs primarily with infants who, because they consume their mother’s breast milk, are able to get a short-term dose of immunity based on the mother’s own immune system.
    • Chiropractic treatment is one way of allowing the human body to develop its full potential for adaptive immunity. In most cases, the more frequently a person receives treatment from a chiropractor, the stronger that person’s immune system will be.

    Start Your Immunity Enhancement Today

    At Spinal Health and Wellness, our team of chiropractic physicians delivers the specialized treatment that our clients need in order to get on the road to total health. That includes not only injury rehabilitation and regular spinal adjustments for optimum health but long-term plans suited to your individual needs. Whether you’re a young person who recently suffered a sports injury, an older adult with back pain, or an expectant mother who wants to avoid long labor, the Spinal Health and Wellness physicians can design a treatment program to relieve your pain, improve your overall health, and boost your immune system in the process.

    Feel free to call us anytime you have questions about chiropractic medicine or your own health. It’s easy to schedule an exam by calling our office at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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