Chiropractic Care For Your Knee Pain

Sep 9, 2020Chiropractic


Chiropractic physicians treat millions of people, day in and day out. Every year, nearly 30 million U.S. adults visit a chiropractor for treatment of neck, back, knee, and other types of physical problems. Each patient has a unique health profile and came to the doctor for their own reasons. Some want to alleviate neck or back pain. Others are concerned about knee problems or sciatic pain in their legs and back. The best thing about seeing a chiropractor is that you’ll find relief from whatever kind of discomfort is interfering with your life.

Many patients want nothing more than to regain full range-of-motion for their knees, to reduce arthritis pain, get rid of swelling, or make sure they continue to have healthy, fully functional knees into old age. Chiropractic physicians have dozens of ways to make knees healthy. Whether you suffer from knee pain, limited range-of-motion, swelling, numbness, arthritis, or something else, seeing a chiropractor is the first step to total health.

Getting rid of pain means you’ll be able to take part in activities like dancing, sports, hiking, walking, and more. Here are the most common strategies and steps that chiropractors use to diagnose and alleviate knee pain:

  • A Thorough Examination: Step one of proper knee care is a thorough chiropractic exam. The doctor will take time to assess your knees’ range of motion, any irregularities of motion, your ability to walk normally with or without pain, check for signs of swelling or infection, and more.
  • Restoring Joint Function: Chiropractors often use adjustment techniques on knees in order to bring back the proper, normal range of motion and to bring nearby joints into correct alignment.
  • Minimizing Pain and Inflammation: Ice packs and sports tape can often work to lessen inflammation and pain and minimize any spasms. Likewise, the doctor might see the need for massage and related therapeutic techniques. The goal is to not only help the healing process and eliminate pain, but to avoid any types of movements that cause discomfort.
  • Prescribing Rehab Routines and Exercises: In order to promote stability, strength, and overall flexibility, your chiropractor will typically show you several exercises that can speed up recovery and bring the knee back to its normal function as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Instructing About Home Care: Before you leave the chiropractor’s office, you’ll be given a written list of home-care treatment methods, including the use of ice packs, heat pads, compression bandages, elevation techniques, light exercise, and rest.

More than a quarter of all U.S. adults suffer from some type of knee pain. In those patients who are older than 50, the most frequent reason for knee problems is osteoarthritis. Knee disorders can lead to reduced mobility, limited physical function, and a lower quality of life.

Know Your Knees

Don’t let your knees be a mystery to you. Just because knees are unique among our body’s anatomical features, it pays to know some key facts about them, including the following:

  • Of all the sesamoid bones in your body, the knee cap is the largest. A sesamoid bone, unlike most other kinds of bones, is completely surrounded by muscle tissue or a tendon.
  • Without our knees, we wouldn’t be able to stand upright. They allow the body to balance in a complex way so we don’t fall over. The secret is the knees’ ability to lock during walking, so we don’t sway from side to side or fall over with each step.
  • The knee is the largest joint in the human body.
  • Because it is so complex, the knee is uniquely susceptible to various kinds of injuries and painful conditions.
  • Excessive wear, infection, and inflammation can lead to the most common knee disease of all: arthritis.

When It’s Not the Knee

Just because you have knee pain, don’t jump to the conclusion that the source of the problem is in your knees. Because our bodies are complicated structures, it’s quite possible for knee pain to be the result of poor alignment of the spine. When the spine is not right, people commonly experience inefficient hip movement when they walk, and the result can be knee pain, swelling, and more. Don’t be surprised if your chiropractor begins the search for the cause of knee pain by examining your spine for alignment problems.

The good news is that chiropractic physicians are uniquely qualified to treat the spine as well as the numerous problems that poor alignment can cause. Of course, there are other reasons your knees might hurt in addition to poor spinal alignment. They include overly tight muscles in the legs, problems with the hip joint, and leg muscles that are too strong on one side and not strong enough on the other side. The bottom line is that your chiropractor will find the primary issue that is causing the knee pain and treat it directly.

Get the Care for Your Knee Pain

Knee pain can range from mild to debilitating. Some people who suffer from extreme knee pain to the point that they can’t sleep or relax should visit a chiropractic physician as soon as possible. At Spinal Health & Wellness, we can give you the right kind of treatment based on the particular kind of knee, neck, back, or other type of pain that is causing you discomfort.

Dr. Tim Ciolkosz specializes in treating people with knee and other types of pain, along with dozens of other forms of medical regimens. He’s been a licensed, board certified chiropractor for more than 25 years and takes the time to match each patient with a unique plan of treatment, care, and recovery. At the Spinal Health & Wellness clinic at Pike Creek, Dr. Ciolkosz can get you started on your personal road to recovery from knee pain or any other kind of pain that is interfering with your ability to lead a content, pain-free life.

You can make an appointment any time by calling 302-993-9113 or just walk in and speak with someone on the staff for immediate or emergency care. Our office is located at 3105 Limestone Road, Suite 303, in Wilmington. For general information about our practice, feel free to view our website. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you say goodbye to pain so you can adjust to a better life.

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