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We Utilize a variety of treatments for promoting healing and pain relief in the body’s connective tissue and joints. Patients often find relief through a regiment that combines specialized exercises with cutting-edge, non-surgical regenerative therapies.

Family Chiropractic Care

We offer adult and pediatric chiropractic care to treat injuries, subluxations, blockages, scoliosis and more! We’re dedicated to helping our patients make the connection between painful symptoms and underlying causes. Our specialties include accident recovery, spinal rehabilitation and sports chiropractic care.

Injury Prevention

Many patients seek integrative and chiropractic care to avoid injuries. Let us help you stay in top condition by detecting and correcting any misalignments before they interfere with physical or mental performance.

Spinal Decompression

Treat pain and pressure by increasing blood flow and eliminating blockages.


Eliminate or reduce the frequency of migraines and other headaches.

Auto Injuries

Treatments for whiplash, back pain and mobility issues.


Therapeutic massage for pain relief and improved circulation

Joint Pain and Worn Joints

Reduce painful friction for increased joint mobility.

Immune System Support

Explore the connection between spinal health and the immune system


We offer an array of classic and cutting-edge treatments and therapies for flexibility, sports injuries and sports strains.

Upper-Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain

Relief for chronic and acute pain caused by injuries, movements and posture.


Adult and pediatric detection and treatment.

Laser Therapy

Using targeted laser treatments, we promote regeneration to relieve pain and promote healing.

Lower-Back Pain

Increase mobility and reduce pain using healing adjustments and exercises.

Chronic Inflammation

Adjustments to reduce dangerous inflammatory responses.

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Let us tailor a treatment plan to address your health issue using one of our advanced drug-free and surgery-free treatments.

Jenn Morris

My plantar fasciitis was really inhibiting my progress in exercise for weight loss. I had a lot of pain walking. My husband recommended Dr. Tim to me. I had one Laser Foot Treatment and my pain level decreased by half. I was able to get back out for my daily walks. I am looking forward to my future treatments. I feel like this will completely erase my pain very soon. I highly recommend this Laser Treatment for foot pain.