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What Our Guide Covers:

At Integrative Physical Health, we strive to help our clients live pain-free, vibrant lives. We offer services for chiropractic care and spinal health for patients of all ages because we believe that you deserve to be strong and pain-free at all stages of life! 100 percent of our patients say they’re satisfied with the care they receive from our doctors and staff!

How Its Made

Learn how Platelet Rich Plasma is made and what the differences are in platelet-poor and platelet-rich plasma and how the properties of each type have a different impact on your body.

How Treatment is Done

Most patients achieve successful outcomes with only one injection but some require up to three. Learn in detail how we create a treatment plan.

Side Effects

You might be wondering if there are any side effects to PRP Therapy. We explain in detail what side effects there are and what can be done to mitigate them. You’ll be surprised!

Insurance and Costs

Since this is a fairly new procedure, most insurance companies have not approved procedures and learn more about the costs for treatment.

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